Controvert the “Monolith of Christmas”

“Religion, state,  capital, ideology, domesticity, the discourses of power and  legitimacy–line up with one another so neatly.”  –Eve Sedgwick

Come play with us on Tuesday, Dec 11 and make stuff with your hands as well  as your intellect. Find out if you agree with Sedgwick that, “the sense of touch makes nonsense out of any dualistic understanding of  agency and passivity; to touch is always already to reach out, to  fondle, to heft, to tap, or to enfold, and always also to understand  that other people or natural forces as having effectually done so before oneself, if only in the making of the textured object.”

The material culture of the 3Text Studio is available to you! Use our  papers, felt, fabrics, rubber stamps, inks, et alia to make an  articulated puppet, an accordion book, or even a (queer) holiday card. No special skills or talents are needed to participate and have a great time.

The details for making stuff: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 Drop by any time between 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm on Tuesday, December 11 in Room 5409, The CUNY Graduate Center. Or, stop by room 5409 any time between 3:30pm and 9pm, or RSVP to schedule a hexaflexagon tutorial.

And if you’re a CUNY Graduate Center student, please, please sign our roster on the Doctoral Student Council website. Just click “Chartered Organizations” and choose “Join/Sign Rosters.” (You may need to register with the DSC first.) See full instructions on the 3Text Studio website.

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