Queens College Resolves to Defend and Support The Vote at QCC

The faculty of the Queens College English Department passed a strong resolution in support of their colleagues at Queensborough Community College Wednesday, the text of which follows below.  Rumblings suggest that we may hear of other votes across the CUNY spectrum along similar lines.  More to come…

Queens College English Department Resolution on English Composition

Whereas Queens College will offer English 110/English Composition 1 as
a 3-credit hour/3-contact hour plus a conference hour under Pathways,

Whereas the English department at Queens College has the
responsibility of assessing courses from other colleges and
universities as equivalent to English 110 for incoming transfer

Whereas Queensborough Community College was the #1 transfer college or
“feeder school” for Queens College, Fall 2006-Fall 2010 (from Queens
College Fact Book, 2010-2011), and Queens College was the destination
of 58% percent of transfer students from Queensborough Community
College in 2010-2011 (from Queensborough Community College Fact Book,

And whereas the English department at Queens College believes that
first year writing students benefit from additional time given to
in-class writing and conferencing with faculty,

We the English department of Queens College resolve to…

…support the four hour model or its equivalent for English
Composition 1 at the 2-year and 4-year colleges,

…continue counting EN 101 from Queensborough Community College as an
equivalent course to English 110 at Queens and to give transfer credit
to those students who have taken this course, regardless of whether
the course is approved as an English Composition 1 course under the
CUNY Pathways curriculum,

…support two year colleges offering equivalent courses as the four year

institutions, that is, offering a fourth workload hour for additional
conferencing with students outside of class, even if four contact
hours are not allowed under Pathways

… not accept as transfer credit any course that has not been approved
by a departmental faculty,

…and support faculty governance and the power of departments to decide
their own curricular needs.

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