Personal Reflections on the 2021-2024 DGSC

by Jonathan Hanon   Dear DGSC and Community, Using this point in the year as a good point for reflection, I wanted to personally look back at the DGSC...

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People are Dying; be Humble. And Wondering Who the Bad Guy Is

By Devorah Leah Paltiel People are dying. Be humble. That’s what my friend posted on Instagram and it’s the only worthy post I have seen since the Israel-Hamas war...

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Eve’s Rubble

by Armel J. Ngamaleu To Ananda Devi Living is not an escape but a sweet offence. Shadow of my love. The wing of my heart. You are not who...

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The Scholasticide in Gaza Is an Affront on the Internationalist Spirit of Academia, It Is an Attack on All of Us

By Nick Rodrigo The Gaza Strip is at the foot of the fertile crescent, where West Asia meets Africa. It is often cited as a spot of huge strategic...

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CUNY MUST DIVEST: On the Recent History of the Struggle for BDS at CUNY

By Addy Malinowski The recent history of the student-led struggle at CUNY for Palestinian liberation is incredibly rich and has been sorely overlooked or misrepresented by reactionary elements within...

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More real to you

By Britt Munro last week I watched a toddler pinned like a pale starfish to a hospital floor as blood pooled from his knees the floor was dirty his...

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Just Joshing

Dear colleagues, I went to the movies recently. It’s good to get out and get away from it all...

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