#OccupyData Hackathon

#OccupyData Hackathon is coming, and it is going to be awesome!

Hackathons provide a participatory, non-corporate environment for artists, scientists, engineers and anyone interested in the broad aims of the global Occupy movement. Hackathon projects remake, reuse, and reimagine data and technology in the interests of participatory democracy and civic action. Everyone—regardless of skill level—is invited to bring ideas and resources, collaborate on interesting projects, and share skills. We regularly discuss ongoing work and present new findings to the public at the end of each Hackathon.

At the upcoming we’ll have some new and previous datasets available to work with, and optional skillshares on data processing, mining and visualization.  Also, feel free to bring your own project ideas and datasets.

Registration, and other information can be found on the OccupyData NYC website, the OccupyData NYC Facebook page, and the brand new Meet-Up group.

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