Adjunct Project Activation Meeting–Save the Date!

Calling all concerned and curious members of the CUNY Graduate Center community:

On Friday, February 15th, at 3pm, the CUNY Adjunct Project will host a public meeting about ongoing and upcoming issues facing the CUNY community. We will gather with the concrete goal to build an action plan to address questions such as:

1. What are the Graduate Center’s admissions and funding plans for us and future students? How can we respond to these restructuring plans?

2. What is the “Kroll Report” on the November 21, 2011 protests at Baruch College, how does it endanger our ability to assemble and dissent at CUNY, and how can we collaborate on a Counter-Report?  

3. What is the Free University of NYC and what are their plans for liberating education from restrictive and corporate institutional models? How can we get involved with this work and help write an Alternative Budget for free education in New York City?

4. How does our union–the Professional Staff Congress (PSC)–address adjunct issues in their contract agenda and ongoing campaigns?

5. What are the most pressing academic labor issues that adjuncts, teaching fellows, and other contingent student workers at CUNY face? How can we devise an action plan to challenge these conditions and strategize for the next two years?

This meeting will be a way to plug into these ongoing efforts. It is also a venue in which your voice can be heard and your ideas can shape these ongoing campaigns. To propose agenda items, please write to:

EVENT: Adjunct Project meeting
TIME:           Friday, February 15th @ 3pm
PLACE:         Graduate Center 8th Floor Cafeteria

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