This spring, the Advocate invites everyone to build on the conversations on Revolution and Sovereignty that we have sustaining since the fall semester. Adding to our first issue on the idea of revolution and the second on its resonances in artistic and cultural practices, we now accepting contributions that expand these conversations to wide array of social and political fields. We are particularly interested in, but not limited to, articles that explore revolution in relation to Ecology, Climate Change and Scientific Practice.

It is time we accept that we live in radical times, and to ask what sorts of revolutions we can not only imagine but also plan. CUNY occupies a unique position in New York City’s cultural and academic landscape, and we believe we can provide a platform that can harness that potential and build a real conversation about sustainable and radical change. It is far too easy to lead with despair these days, and our only effective option is to work together, and think together, as we never have before. We request that you write for us and talk to the vast political community this university can cultivate, and that you encourage your undergraduates to do so as well.

We’re interested in essays that historicize and criticize our understanding of revolutionary transformations of all kinds, whether by that you mean revolutionary polities or revolutionary bodies. How do they shape the ways in which we map and organize the world we inhabit? Talk to us about hurricanes, about civil rights, about quantum physics, about Audre Lorde and Agha Shahid Ali— about what it means for revolution to simultaneously be a temporal ritual, an aesthetic epiphany, a shift in scientific paradigms, and a political desire baked deep into our collective psyche.

We particularly invite science writers who can contribute regularly on diverse topical subjects and on scientific practice in the current political climate.

This is a conversation we would like to sustain across all three issues this term. We have open and rolling contributions, and our deadlines for the forthcoming issues are March 5, April 5, and May 5.

Please do send your impressions, your thoughts, and your ideas to our Editor-in-Chief, Bhargav Rani, at Also ‘cc’ to

And yes, we pay for articles!

The Advocate pays $100-$120 for articles that are around 1500-2000 words, and about $150-$200 for longer essays that entail more research and labor. Other contributions like reviews and photo essays will also be compensated for at competitive rates. And of course, we promise enthusiastic editorial support and love from our team!

We look forward to some excellent contributions from you!

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